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CERTIFIED FLOOD SYSTEMS has been providing flood zone determinations to the Real Estate lending industry since 1987.  We have built and continue to maintain our professional stature by providing quality service for accurate and fully warranted flood zone determinations.  We provide our clients with guaranteed compliance in accordance with the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and the National Flood Reform Act of 1994.

CFS obtain it's information directly from FEMA panel maps on each and every determination. Our staff is thoroughly trained under the supervision of our management team who monitors their performance.  Staff training also includes accurately locating structures on properties partially within a special flood hazard area (SFHA).  We are able to conduct an on-site property verification to determine the exact location of the structure in relation to the special flood hazard area (SFHA).  We utilize the latest in database technologies for the tracking and storage of our information.  We do not use a database to obtain the actual determination data, for reasons of inherent problems in the areas of creation (data entry), database management, and in the up-dating of that data.  Because of this policy we have virtually eliminated all risk of liability to our clients.

CFS map files are continually updated with FEMA'S changes and revisions.  These changes are regularly programmed into our system.  We maintain an extensive library of Letter of Map Revisions (LOMR) and Letter of Map amendments (LOMA), enabling us to provide our clients with the most current flood zone information.

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CERTIFIED FLOOD SYSTEMS accurately and in a timely manner meets all of your flood zone determination needs.


  • Require binding contracts for service
  • Require clients to process complicated request forms
  • Require clients to purchase or lease expensive equipment
  • Require a minimum monthly guarantee of flood zone requests
  • Require extensive client training
  • Provide service customized to meet your individual needs
  • Provide an accurate determination for ever request
  • Provide a fully warranted and insured Flood Zone Rating
  • Provide determinations under the direction of a civil engineer
  • Provide extensive LOMA and LOMR library
  • Provide compliance with current FEMA requirements
  • Provide on-site structure verification
  • Provide life of loan tracking
  • Provide volume discount
Certified Flood Systems staff is only a click and/or a phone call away, whenever a reverification, reprint or an explanation is needed.
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